A Community Service of the
American River Natural History Association

A Community Service of the
American River Natural History Association


through Effie Yeaw Nature Center 
and the American River Natural History Association
The American River Parkway offers us an opportunity to explore the natural world and the Effie Yeaw Nature Center helps our community understand and appreciate that world. Through a Legacy Gift or Planned Giving, you can help ensure that this local treasure is preserved for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

What Is Planned Giving?
Planned Giving simply means planning now to leave a gift after your lifetime. Often, generous people decide to give in this way because they don't have heirs or their heirs are already provided for, they want to pass on their values, or they simply want to make a difference in their community for future generations.

Whether you have always supported ARNHA and the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, or you've always wanted to, a Planned Gift empowers you to make an enduring contribution. We welcome and appreciate all gifts, regardless of size. We encourage you to speak with your professional adviser about the Planned Giving options below.

Need to Create or Update Your Estate Plan? 
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Planned Giving Options
Simple Bequest
Build the long-term financial strength of ARNHA, while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime. Bequests are made through a will or trust. Learn more.

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds is quick and simple and may provide you with significant tax benefits. Learn more.

Retirement Plan Assets
Name ARNHA as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401k and other qualified plan through this tax-efficient gift. Learn more.

Life Insurance
Name ARNHA as a full or partial beneficiary of your life insurance policy and save on estate taxes. Learn more.

Other Options
Both of the below gift options will allow you to enjoy tax benefits while receiving a fixed rate of return annually for a specified period of time. At the same time, you can ensure that your assets are used to benefit the community in the ways that are meaningful to you.

Charitable Gift Annuity Learn more.

Charitable Remainder Trust Learn more.

We're Here to Help
We are happy to answer your questions about our Planned Giving program or about our organization and mision. Your inquiry will be confidential and without obligation. Please direct inquiries to:
Betty Cooper, Development Director    
916-489-4918 x237    

Enduring Generosity
Carol Doersch, longtime supporter of ARNHA and Effie Yeaw Nature Center, gave many hours of her time but also created a planned gift before she passed in 2012. Her daughter Ann Doersch remembers fondly the Nature Center's importance to their family:

"As kids, my brother and I grew up exploring the area that is now part of the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. This area has always inspired our family to love, appreciate, and care for nature. We believe it is important to do whatever we can to ensure this wonderful place continues to thrive for the entire community for generations to come."

Carol's legacy of generosity and compassion continues through her planned gift, which benefits our entire community. We thank you, Carol.